Length of track on demand
Average length of track between 300 to 500 metres.

Number of trains depending on track length.
Cars with chassis, aluminium 'five bar' floor and fibreglass body.
Each car is fitted with stainless steel safety lap-bars, which are fixed to the chassis.
The safety bar is closed manually and locked automatically before each ride. The bar has several locking positions that allow adjustments to various sizes of person.
The locking device is automatically operated by a rail that is situated in the station and controlled manually by an electrical system from the control board.
The style of the fibreglass body is custom designed.

Main electrical cabinet which also contains the PLC device.
Control board that can be operated manually or automatically.

The powered coaster differs from the more conventional gravity coaster insofar as it has the driving force, in the form of electric motors onboard the train. It does therefore not require a high hill to provide the energy for the speed, which make it suitable for indoor locations or if there are restrictions for some reason regarding height.
Two standard versions are available, a small demountable attraction for small parks and a compact full size and very fast example. However, because of the special use of this type of coaster these are almost always custom designs to fit a particular clients requirement.

amusement park
amusement park
amusement park
amusement park
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