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Interlink specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of water rides, including Flumes, Rapid Rivers, Raft Rides, Shoot the Chute, Water Battle, Dark rides, etc. along with a variety of dry rides including Panoramic Towers, Monorails, etc.

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We also specialise in buying and selling carefully selected used rides of all types, from small kiddie rides to full size roller coasters.

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Ride design

Interlink provides customised ride designs for many different types of attractions, including Flume Rides, Raft Rides, Cruise Boat, Water Battle, Shoot the Chute, Dark Rides and Rapid Rivers through to Monorails, Cable Cars and Panoramic Towers ...

Ride manufacture

Interlink manufactures a range of attractions including all types of Water Rides, Monorails, Cable Cars and Panoramic Towers ...


Interlink provides a variety of installation services including project management, installation and commissioning for all types of attractions.

Ride brokerage

Interlink buys and sells a wide range of pre-owned rides from Carousels and Kiddie rides through to Wave Swingers and multi-inversion Roller Coasters.

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