Jurassic Island – Trans Studio Cibubur


  • Product: Immersive Super Flume
  • Year: 2019
  • Park: Trans Studio Cibubur
  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Jurassic Island represents the first example of an installation of our Immersive Superflume attraction. Located in the indoor themepark, Trans Studio Cibubur, the brings together the strengths of both Interlink and our partner in the project, Simworx. The Immersive Super Flume takes our original Super Flume ride to the next level with the integration of an Immersive Tunnel section into the ride along with additional AV elements for the boat to engage with.

Seating 16 riders at a time, guests set off downstream on their prehistoric adventure. They greeted by elaborate theming with animatronic dinosaurs camouflaged throughout. As they approach the Immersive Tunnel section the boat is led up a conveyor belt out of the water locked into position on the 3DOF motion base. A 90 second 3D epic dinosaur fight then takes place in front of guest eyes, projected on the 270 degree surrounding screen which the boat’s movements are synchronised with. This on-screen action is combined with offboard special effects like wind, water spritz and aromas. Riders are fully immersed in the experience.

As the film draws to a close, the boat continues to move forward. It passes through integrated doors in the screen towards a vertical boat lift. That takes them up to the top before launching them, 12 metres, down to the final plunge pool. The final splashdown concludes the ride before returning guests to the station.