Madagascar: A Crate Adventure – Universal Studios Singapore



Guests accompany the Dreamworks Animation’s movie, Madagascar, characters Marty, Alex, Melman and Gloria, the four stowaways, as they embark on a truly wild river adventure. This charming and elaborately themed seven-minute dark ride takes guests through the narrative of how the zoo animals wound up shipwrecked on the beaches of Madagascar and the craziness that entails. The catchy theme tune “I like to Move it,” sounds effects and Animatronics of the film’s characters tell the story of how the Central Park natives team up with the local lemurs to defeat the dreaded Foosa, all while immersing riders in the island paradise the gang will now call home.

The vibrant crate-like boats seat a maximum of 20 people with bamboo-shaped lap bars for each row. Built for the park back in 2010, Interlink provided large dark ride boats for the project, that float along winding waterways, as well as making improvements to already existing parts of the attraction.