Rio Grande Rafting – Djurs Sømmerland



  • Product: Rapid River
  • Year: 1998
  • Park: Djurs Sømmerland
  • Location: Nimtoft, Denmark

Arm your six-shooters and put the gold nuggets in your pockets as you strap into your river raft before being let loose into a raging downstream flow. Rio Grande Rafting is a wild and merciless voyage that spins and dips you through the wild west themed land.

Drift past the Cowboy’s Saloons avoiding geysers before picking up speed and approaching the Native American’s Territory when Indian’s lurk upon the shore but you won’t be hanging around long as you’re soon plunged into darkness as you pass through the ominous tunnel. As sunlight encroaches on the boat again the currents will toss you between treacherous waterfalls to either side of the boat, if you’ve somehow made it this far evading splashes then this is guaranteed to leave you completely drenched.