Tata World River Adventure – VinWonders Nha Trang



Join the Quartet of Princess’ in the fairy world of Tata exploring the four different lands; Land of Flowers, Land of Green Forest, Land of Ocean and Land of Darkness in this spellbinding boat dark ride adventure. Based on the tale already conceived by VinWonders, for a show in the park, the tale now functions as the story of the dark ride. The experience takes place in Van Hoa, a peaceful place which is home to exotic plants, adorable creatures and to the Princess Tata, a woman renowned for her brilliant beauty. The Pearl of Happiness is the keeper of tranquility in Van Hoa, but one day it is taken by the Dark Princess. Riders are tasked with retrieving the pearl, a quest which they will fulfill together with the Princess and her close pals Monta Monkey and Tuka Parrot.

The journey begins in the Fairytale Library, where every fairytale from around the world is treasured, protected, and gathered. Guests zigzag across parts of Europe, South America, and Asia before arriving at the Tata Treasury, which acts as the Pre-Show. The Fairytale Librarian, an animatronic, recounts the tale of Princess Tata and the Pearl of Happiness.

After the pre-show, guests proceed through to the station themed after Princess Tata’s palace. Here, they board one of seven boats to fulfill their quest. Tata World River Adventure is 315 meters long, leading guests along 11 unique scenes and down two drops.