Forbidden Temple Rapid Adventures Ride Interlink

The Forbidden Temple Rapid Adventures - Trans Studio Bali

The Forbidden Temple Rapid Adventures – Trans Studio Bali



The newest Trans Studio theme park in Bali features our latest Rapid River installation, ‘The Forbidden Temple Rapid Adventures’. Guests take their seats in one of our river rafts, before ascending up into the Himalayan mountains. At the top they’re greeted with a view across the city outdoors, from multiple stories up, before cascading through the snowy mountain rapids in their boat. As they head deeper into the mountain temple, they pass under mine carriages that have run out of track hinting danger ahead. The boat rounds the corner to reveal the final steep plunge downhill to the splash pool, guaranteed to drench guests.


Salatiga Rapid River - Saloka Park

Salatiga Rapid River – Saloka Park



  • Product: Rapid River
  • Year: 2018
  • Park: Saloka Park
  • Location: Salatiga, Indonesia

One of two Interlink attractions at Saloka Theme Park, the Gonjang Ganjing (Salatiga) River Rapids are an exciting river adventure for the whole family. Seating up to eight people at a time, guests can expect a bumpy ride round the river circuit as they spin back and forward, splashing up water and bumping into the channel walls providing the perfect way to cool off after a day at the park.

Rapid River Hannibal Park Soukra

Rapid River - Hannibal Park Soukra

Rapid River – Hannibal Park Soukra



  • Product: Rapid River
  • Year: 2001
  • Park: Hannibal Park Soukra
  • Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Hannibal Park Soukra is home to three of our beloved water rides each bringing a unique experience to the park. This lively family park benefits from this wide selection of water rides, from a guaranteed splash, a thrilling river adventure to a serene and relaxing spin boat ride.

The Rapid river navigates twists and turns through a desert landscape surrounded by unique cacti and succulents. Guests must hold on tight as they find themselves at the mercy of raging rapids with fast-flowing waters, making for a bumpy and exhilarating ride. Guaranteed to have the whole family laughing their heads off as they try their hardest to not get soaked.

Lihpao Land Interlink Rapid RIver

Jungle Rafting - Lihpao Land

Jungle Rafting – Lihpao Land



  • Product: Rapid River
  • Year: 2000
  • Park: Lihpao Land
  • Location: Taichung Province, Taiwan

This tropical adventure along the amazon river, with a group of friends or relatives, is not to be missed! Guests sit in a round rubber boat and tumble through the turbulent river at high speed, vortices in the current making for a whirlwind experience. Guests will struggle to stay dry as the 8 seater boats bounce off the rock walls of the narrow waterway, often reversing the spinning direction, and making for a gripping journey through the jungle.

Rio Bravo Rapid River Europark

Rio Bravo - Europark

Rio Bravo – Europark



  • Product: Rapid River
  • Year: 1999
  • Park: Europark
  • Location: Vias Plage, France

Face the tumultuous waters of a raging torrent and powerful waterfalls on the Rio Bravo River Rapids. The perfect ride for adventurers not afraid of getting wet! Guest take their seats on a bright yellow round raft and are whisked down stream bouncing off the concrete banks, sending them in a frenzy of laughter, as their rafts spin out of control in the turbulent currents.

Nasu Highland Park Interlink Rapid River

River Adventure - Nasu Highland Park

River Adventure – Nasu Highland Park



Nestled within the Nasu Highland Park in Tochigi, Japan upon a hilly landscape is the River Adventure Rapids Ride. This thrilling whitewater adventure will have your boat, seating up to 8 people, launched into a wet wilderness manoeuvring rowdy rapids that bend around the river. This is no casual picnic, but a wildly unpredictable journey down the swirling stream below a canopy of lush vegetation.

Rio Grande Rafting Interlink Rapid River

Rio Grande Rafting - Djurs Sømmerland

Rio Grande Rafting – Djurs Sømmerland



Arm your six-shooters and put the gold nuggets in your pockets as you strap into your river raft before being let loose into a raging downstream flow. Rio Grande Rafting is a wild and merciless voyage that spins and dips you through the wild west themed land.

Drift past the Cowboy’s Saloons avoiding geysers before picking up speed and approaching the Native American’s Territory when Indian’s lurk upon the shore but you won’t be hanging around long as you’re soon plunged into darkness as you pass through the ominous tunnel. As sunlight encroaches on the boat again the currents will toss you between treacherous waterfalls to either side of the boat, if you’ve somehow made it this far evading splashes then this is guaranteed to leave you completely drenched.

Mitsui Greenland Dragon River Interlink

Dragon River - Mitsui Greenland

Dragon River – Mitsui Greenland



A radical water attraction that unleashes you on a relentless torrent, swinging you around rocks and into swirling whirlpools. The feature attraction of the ‘Dragon Valley’ area of the park, guests ride on, six-seat, doughnut-shaped boats along a 400-metre long river channel. Gliding swiftly along the waves there’s no doubt you’ll get seriously soaked as the rafts bump against jagged rocks and spin through rocky caves, spraying up the whitewater foam. The real fun is guessing which side of the raft will be soaked around the next bend in the river.

Interlink Sunway Lagoon River Rapids Water Ride

Grand Canyon River Rapids - Sunway Lagoon

Grand Canyon River Rapids – Sunway Lagoon



  • Product: Rapid River
  • Year: 1992
  • Park: Sunway Lagoon
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This attraction takes guests on a wet and wild journey as they board their 6-seater orange river rafts and prepare to embrace swirling waters on a bumpy ride through lush tropical foliage.

Race through mist-filled tunnels, past waterfalls and dodge spouting geysers as aggressive waters carry you along. If you are unlucky — or lucky, depending on the weather, you may end up totally drenched as the white water waves crash over the raft as it traverses the wild river. Located in the Wild Wild West section of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park it’s cleverly integrated into the surrounding theming featuring nods to a duel between the Cowboys and Indians.

Interlink Rapid River at Walygator Park

Dino Raft - Walygator Park

Dino Raft – Walygator Park



  • Product: Rapid River
  • Year: 1988
  • Park: Walygator Parc
  • Location: Hagondange, France

Be set adrift in the heart of a lost world, surrounded by prehistoric creatures in the Valley of the Dinosaurs. This dizzying water expedition features large family-sized boats seating up to eight at a time, that take you down river whitewater adventure.

No two excursions are the same, but each one promises a good soaking for all who dare to brave the rapids. Encountering animatronic creatures, waterfalls and other surprises along the way you’ll be dip, duck and dodging the incoming waves, but don’t expect to stay dry for long.