Dino Action Jawa Timur 3

Dino Action - Jawa Timur Park 3

Dino Action – Jawa Timur Park 3



  • Product: Dark Ride / Superflume
  • Year: 2017
  • Park: Jawa Timur Park 3
  • Location: Batu, Indonesia

Dino Action puts a spin on our traditional Super Flume water ride by integrating it into a dark ride style set up with elaborate theming before concluding with the picture-perfect splash ending.

Guests board at the station before setting off on a sci-fi adventure through time exploring the dawn of dinosaurs before transporting guests to present day to Professor Gila’s laboratory, where he is experimenting on cloned dinosaurs. But things take a turn for the worst and guests must navigate their way out of the Dino caves. Luckily they narrowly escape the dinosaurs running riot, and plunge down outside into the final splash pool.

Big plunge Jungle Splash Bao Son Paradise Park

Jungle Splash - Bao Son Paradise Park

Jungle Splash – Bao Son Paradise Park



Jungle Splash is a feature ride at Bao Son Paradise park that presents a fun way to explore their safari complex combined with a thrilling finale. The boats of 6 depart the embarkation point and travel along the water channel that winds past various animal enclosures, from Tigers to Giraffes, Camels and Lions. They then climb a steep slope, which at peak offers great views across the park, before splashing 16 metres down the massive drop and returning guests to the station platform.

Tayto Park Viking Voyage Splash

Viking Voyage - Tayto Park

Viking Voyage – Tayto Park



  • Product: Super Flume
  • Year: 2016
  • Park: Tayto Park
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland

Ireland’s first flume ride is situated at the potato crisp theme park ‘Tayto Park’ in Dublin. Installed back in 2016, ‘Viking Voyage’ is integrated into the Viking themed land where over 5000 trees were planted to recreate the Irish landscape from thousands of years ago. Families are guaranteed to feel the splash from the 1.7 million litres of water this flume ride utilises to transport the replica Viking ships around the channels that wind through the man-made mountain, the centre-piece to this attraction.

The journey lasts around eight minutes, and queuing guests are encouraged to get involved in soaking riders who are under threat of getting wet before even reaching the first lift hill. The lift then takes them up into the mountain, beneath the striking Viking helmet. Upon reaching the peak, the boats make a sharp and speedy turn down into the first splash down. With this out of sight from other park guests it comes as a surprise to riders. At the top of the second lift guests boats rotate 90° inside a themed monastery section before being sent down the second drop in reverse. Riders then sail on past a Viking settlement before a second turntable rotates them forward again. After cresting the third and final lift section, which travels over the top of the mountain, passengers plunge 12m straight down and brace themselves for a rather wet finale, wherever they are sat in the 6-seater boats (13 in total).

Interlink's Kwai River Superflume Powerpark

Kwai River - Powerpark

Kwai River – Powerpark



  • Product: Super Flume
  • Year: 2012
  • Park: Powerpark
  • Location: Alahärmä, Finland

The Kwai River Super Flume was integrated into an existing bridge structure which inspired it’s name, Kwai River, after the iconic World War Two film Bridge over Kwai River, with each of the ride’s boats being named after a character from the film. The soundtrack from the movie is even played throughout the ride.

The ride circuit is 400 metres long and features two lifts and two drops, one of 7 metres and another of 14. It also boasts a themed station building for loading and unloading the nine, six-seater boats that provide a capacity of 600 passengers per hour.

Wahana Jelajah Trans Studio Bandung

Wahana Jelajah - Trans Studio Bandung

Wahana Jelajah – Trans Studio Bandung



This jungle-themed two-lift Super Flume is the perfect ride for thrill lovers. Situated at the indoor Trans Studio theme park in Bandung it’s a feature attraction for the park. Explore the lost city by boat and take in the ancient temple ruins and the bubbling volcano as it drifts along the channel. As they approach the Aztec pyramid the, double-seat, Zodiac-style, boats are lifted up to the heavens by conveyor before peaking. Riders brace for the final 9-metre waterfall drop that creates an epic splash for the whole park to see.