Interlink LG Ltd – Press Release

Water ride specialist Interlink is pleased to announce various new ride projects they have recently secured in South East Asia.

In Indonesia, they are working on 2 new water rides – one a rapid river (see attached layout) and the other, the “world’s first” Immersive SuperFlume. Both rides will be located inside shopping malls in what will be quite unique installations.

The Immersive Superflume is the result of a Technical Collaboration between dynamic media attractions specialist Simworx and Interlink. It will feature a motion base and immersive screens added to a SuperFlume 16-seat boat ride, which features a 12 metre vertical lift and chute/splash, along with other special effects.

Elsewhere in the region Interlink will be building the first of their newly re-designed Panoramic Sky Towers. The Tower will be 110 metres high with a 60-seat rotating passenger cabin. It will also feature a Skywalk and unique IP Signology.

In the Middle East the company is also currently installing a Spin Boat ride.

The company’s used ride division is also very busy and has recently purchased 5 family rides from Europe which will be moving to a new home in the Indian Ocean region.

Founded 35 years ago, Interlink design, manufacture and supply a wide range of water rides, including log flumes, SuperFlumes, mini flumes, rapid river, water battle (interactive), spin boat, big chute and enchanted river.

1st May 2018

John Davies
Commercial Director
Interlink LG Ltd