It’s an exciting moment when we win a contract for a new attraction. The possibilities of how far we can push it, knowing what we’ll be working on over the coming months as well as the anticipation of the end result, we go through a whole cycle of emotions with each stage.

So to give you an insight into the whole process and the many steps involved in delivering a project we’ve put together the 10 stages of Project Deliverance in GIFs…

1. Contract Signing – After a long tender process against potentially lots of competition it’s a fantastic feeling to secure the order and get the contract between us and the park signed.
2. Design Documentation - Our team gets to work on designing the new ride, creating all the drawings required and documentation to go with it to present to the client.
3. Approval from Client - After potentially a few iterations the designs will be approved by the client before we move on to the next step.
4. Procurement of Materials - It’s procurements time to shine, they now get to work on buying all the materials required from our suppliers and having them shipped in time for the manufacturing stage to begin.
5. Assembly Stage - We have all the materials and it’s time to get to work constructing all the necessary components that need to be assembled before being sent to the park.
6. Testing - Once all the parts are assembled they’ll go through their Factory Acceptance test and any other checks required before they can be sent.
7. Packing everything for Shipping – It’s Assembled, passed its checks, and now it’s time to be packed up into massive containers for shipping to potentially the other side of the world.
8. Site Install – After a trip around the world the ride finally arrives at its new home and it’s up to our ride install team to put it together at the site for the new attraction. On a bigger attraction, this may mean that a lot of the assembly is done on-site if it’s smaller a lot of it may have been done in the factory before shipping.
9. Final result – After months of hard work we can finally see the attraction come together with any theming additions to create an attractive and enticing ride experience for guests, it sits its Site Acceptance Test before being handed over to the client.
10. Try it out – Everything's complete, there’s only one thing left to do, try it out and have some fun!
11. Do it all over again – It’s time to move on to the next project in the pipeline and do each step all over again!