Immersive Superflume

Trans Studio Cibubur will host yet another world-first ride. This is an immersive
super-flume by Simworx and Interlink, called Jurassic Island. The two companies
have worked together to create the first 4D simulator flume ride.
The ride begins with a dinosaur-theme boat ride. Then, the ride enters a tunnel,
where the 16-person boat stops, gripped by a motion base. As an immersive movie
plays, passengers will feel the boat moving up and down, as well as side to side.
“It is capable of roll, pitch and yaw,” says Duijm. “It moves in every direction. The
boat mirrors the action of the immersive scenes shown. There will be wind effects,
sound effects, lots of water stuff that will be going on. It will make people feel as if
they’re up close with a real dinosaur encounter experience.
“And then they go through a vertical lift that brings the whole boat up. It’ll be a
great view. People will be able to see down from the top floor at the theme park
level to the point where the raft goes into the flume.”
The Jurassic Island ride spans two floors and has a total height of 18 metres.