Interlink, the leading water ride designer and manufacturer is set to supply it’s popular SuperFlume ride as well as it’s Water Battle attraction to brand-new Lost Island Theme Park in Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

The brand new park will be situated south of the very successful, existing Lost Island Waterpark that opened back in 2001 with a whole host of new attractions. The park will include five themed lands based around the elements – fire, water, air and Earth, with the fifth land called the Tamariki Realm, which will be an island-themed playground with rides for younger guests. The Park will have an overarching narrative with characters designed for each “realm” that will help tell their stories.

The brand new Superflume attraction will feature 10 boats, each seating six guests with side-by-side seating arrangement – a twist on the traditional log flume to provide a more interactive experience. The feature ride will boast a 7 metre and 14 metre lift/chute with a ride time of approximately 5 minutes. Riders will navigate winding troughs at different elevations before a scream-filled plunge into the splash-pool. Guaranteed to thrill and refresh guests – perfect on a hot summer’s day. The attraction will be situated in the “Yuta Earth Guild” section of the park, themed with an organic aesthetic. Interlink’s Superflume is the company’s most popular attraction with it’s most recent past example having been installed into Trans Studio Cibubur.

The Water Battle attraction also to be installed by the company is a playful and interactive water ride which will feature seven boats that can accommodate 8 riders with back-to-back seating. With the whole experience lasting around 3.5 minutes in total. Riders leave the station and are transported along the water channel, each guest equipped with a water cannon to squirt as much water at neighbouring boats passing by, along with spectators watching around the ride, while they try their best to avoid the direct fire from other cannons. The Water Battle ride will be located right next to the park’s lake in the “Awa Water Nomad” section of the park, creating the perfect aquatic backdrop.


In addition to these two new rides, Interlink also supplied a pre-owned Intamin launch coaster which will be one of the prominent eye-catching rides at the park.

John Davies, Commercial Director at Interlink stated: “This prestigious project further strengthens our continued plans for further expansion in the US market”.

President of the Lost Island Theme Park, Gary Bertch added “Interlink’s extensive water ride experience in Europe and Asia, competitive pricing, and friendly staff made the choice to work with them easy.”

The 159 acre park is set to open in 2022 and is expected to attract 250,000 to 350,000 guests in the first year, providing a major boom to the local Waterloo and Iowa economy.