Water ride manufacturer, Interlink, has just completed the latest installation of one of their SuperFlume rides for the new Lost Island Theme Park – which only opened last year to the public. The flagship water ride launched with the beginning of the park’s second season. Originally scheduled to have been inaugurated last year, with the rest of the park for its grand opening, an unfortunate fire destroyed the boarding station, compromising the attraction’s timeline and delaying it a year while they waited for replacement parts for the ride system.

Named Yuta Falls, after the realm of the park where it is located, the ride features a large, fabricated rock structure rising up in the centre which intertwines with the ride’s water channel, with an etched symbol to represent the Yuta (Earth) as well as a rotating water wheel – that can be seen across the park and acts as a totem. The ride layout features two lift hills at heights of 7 and 14 metres to ensure ample opportunities for guests to get thoroughly soaked and cooled off from a busy day at the park.

Entering the attraction, guests explore a pre-show/boarding area which tells the history of the Yuta realm as they wait to board their vessel, before taking their seats on the 6-seater themed boats and being taken on an aquatic adventure to discover the mystical water source and its cascading falls.

The ride length totals approximately 5 minutes as guests are transported along the 320 meters water channel experiencing a rush of excitement as they climb and plummet into the refreshing splash pools at either side of the lift-hills.

The new attraction joins Interlink’s other ride at the park, Awaati Battle, one of their Water Battle rides which had already opened with the park and is situated in the Awaati (Water) Realm area.

Interlink Managing Director, John Hudd, comments “We’re delighted to be able to open yet another of our water attractions at Lost Island Theme Park, we’ve loved working with them to create these uniquely themed rides and deliver Yuta Falls to the park in time for the 2023 season to help them to attract visitors all summer long.”